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The Central Finance Board
of the Methodist Church

A fair contract
for employees

Responding to human trafficking risks

There have been alarming reports from Northern India that workers in ...

Deposit Fund

* A.E.R. as at 23 October 2014

View accounts and send secure instructions online with 'CFB Online'.

Our Mission

Methodist Central Hall

Our mission, alongside the Church, is to seek practical solutions which combine Christian ethics and investment returns. We therefore aim...

  • to provide a high quality investment service seeking above average returns
  • to follow a discipline in which the ethical dimension is an integral part of all investment decisions
  • to construct investment portfolios consistent with the moral stance and teachings of the Christian faith
  • to encourage strategic thinking on the ethics of investment
  • to be a Christian witness in the investment community

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Climate Change

Our new policy, Climate Change: Implications for Electricity Generation marked a further stage in our work on climate change issues ... Continue reading →

High Interest Lending

High interest or predatory lending has attracted considerable public scrutiny of late. Companies operating predominately in the high interest lending ... Continue reading →

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New Gambling and Electricity Generation Papers

The CFB has recently published new position papers and policy statements ...Continue reading →

Epworth Investment Management

epworth website image

Our sister organisation Epworth Investment Management provides our investment services to non-Methodist churches and charities.