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About the CFB

Superior returns with ethics

The Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church (CFB) seeks both superior returns and improved ethical standards. Our approach of avoiding investments in particular businesses and encouraging better practices in others enables the Methodist Church of Great Britain to hold investments which are consistent with Christian teaching.

Ethical pledge

The securities held by all CFB funds will, to the best of our ability, be in line with ethical policy of the Methodist Church.

Investment Philosophy

The CFB's fundamental investment philosophy is to run diversified portfolios within a Christian ethical framework.

Active management

We take a long-term view on investment, seeking to add value through active management ...

Conservative levels of risk

... whilst maintaining conservative levels of risk compared to those of client benchmarks ...

Low cost

... and seek to provide relatively liquid, low cost investment vehicles that allow clients to build customised portfolios that meet their individual investment requirements.

Ownership and structure

The CFB was established by an Act of Parliament in 1960. In 1972 it set up its own fund management department, which enabled the CFB to provide professional investment management for organisations within Methodism.

Funds under management

The CFB, together with sister organisation Epworth Investment Management, manage £920 million for charities and pension funds.