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The Central Finance Board
of the Methodist Church

Deposit Fund


* A.E.R. as at 28 June 2022

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Our Mission

Methodist Central Hall

Our mission, alongside the Church, is to seek practical solutions which combine Christian ethics and investment returns. We therefore aim...

  • to provide a high quality investment service seeking above average returns
  • to follow a discipline in which the ethical dimension is an integral part of all investment decisions
  • to construct investment portfolios consistent with the moral stance and teachings of the Christian faith
  • to encourage strategic thinking on the ethics of investment
  • to be a Christian witness in the investment community

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Statement on Russian Investment

The Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church believes that for both ethical and fiduciary reasons, Russian securities should not form any part of our clients’ investment portfolios. Read more →

Annual Conference on Ethics and Investment

Our annual conference on ethics and investment was held virtually again this year on 14 December. Watch the recordings →


Fair Tax Mark

Towards the end of 2021, the Fair Tax Foundation launched the Global Multinational Business Standard, which means the Fair Tax Mark can be achieved by companies headquartered outside the UK. During the quarter we wrote to two European companies, Troax and Infotel, to encourage them in transparent reporting, and pointed them towards the Fair Tax Foundation. We look forward to a response in due course.

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Corporate Governance

We continue to vote in line with our Church Investors Group policy and voted at just over 30 company AGMs in the quarter. We were pleased to see some changes as the result of our voting policy recently at Brooks Macdonald, a financial services company in which the CFB/Epworth has had a reasonably significant shareholding since 2017 through its UK equity funds. We voted against the remuneration report and Chair of the remuneration committee in 2020 & 2021, partly in response to the variable remuneration schemes not including non-financial targets for management. This led to specific dialogue with the company on the issue in writing, and recently Brooks Macdonald indicated that it intends to include new non-financial targets relating to diversity and environmental performance as 10% of its future management remuneration incentive.

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Epworth Investment Management

Epworth Investment Management Ltd

Our sister organisation Epworth Investment Management provides our investment services to non-Methodist churches and charities.