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opportunity with integrity

The CFB is committed to seeking both superior returns and improving ethical standards.

Positive approach

We seek to improve the ethical profile of our portfolios by avoiding investments in particular businesses and encouraging better practices in others.

Company engagement

We view our investments as long term partnerships with company managements. We engage in constructive dialogue and practise active voting to challenge social, environmental and ethical considerations.

Integrated process

Ethical research integrated with financial analysis is key to our investment process. Fund managers are responsible for both financial and ethical analysis.

Clear policy

Comprehensive policy statements and position papers offer a reference for clients and a clear focus for fund managers.

Theological grounding

The Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment provides a unique and robust mechanism for testing ethical investment decisions against theological principles.

Quarterly review
September 2015

Sunday Trading

Churches, unions, and others are opposing UK government plans to further deregulate Sunday trading laws and delegate their implementation to ... Continue reading →

Access to Medicines Index (ATMI)

We are a signatory-supporter to the Access to Medicines Index which independently ranks the world's 20 largest pharmaceutical companies' efforts ... Continue reading →

Church Investors Group international conference

We hosted a conference for representatives of church investment organisations around the world. Our various approaches to climate change and ... Continue reading →

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Voting policy →

the Methodist Church

The Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (JACEI) provides CFB with advice on ethical issues and reports to the Methodist Conference on CFB compliance with the aims and objectives of the Church.

JACEI Report

The JACEI Report is produced for the Methodist Conference outlining its activities each year. An abbreviated version is also produced. Together they provide a comprehensive survey of the issues that we have addressed.

Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment Report 2015 Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment Short Report 2015 Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment Report 2014 Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment Short Report 2014

in partnership

Carbon Disclosure Project Church Investors Group EIRIS IIGCC, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change Access to Medicines Index Access to Nutrition Index ECCR, The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility EITI< The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Institutional Shareholder Services TRUCOST UNPRI UKSIF Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare, BBFAW

Active membership of global networks and partnerships provide a powerful united voice when dealing with multinational corporations and assist us and our clients to make informed ethical investment decisions.

The Stewardship Code

The Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church supports investor engagement with companies and is a signatory to the Financial Reporting Council's Stewardship Code

Have your say...

Our ethics are based on Methodist Church principles. We welcome feedback on an ethical issue. If you would like to discuss these please contact CFB Relationship Manager Christophe Borysiewicz on 020 7496 3630 or Chair of JACEI John Howard on 020 7467 5245.